How to discover your child’s talents and potentials?

Why Inborn Code

  • For Children

    Discover your child's innate talents and potentials, understand their innate personality and learning style.

  • For Teenagers

    Support your teenager as they choose a major and career path that suits them best.

  • For Couples

    Enhance your relationship with your partner by learning about their emotional needs and communication preferences.

  • For Management

    Leverage your employees’ highest potentials and boost your organizational success.

  • Want to nurture your child’s special talents?

    Are you having difficulty defining your children’s innate talents? Find out what they are and save money, time and frustration with one of our reports and consultations.

  • Want your child to excel in academics?

    Is your child struggling in some subjects? We can help you understand how your child learns best.

  • Want your child to get along well with others?

    Does your child have trouble connecting with others? Let us help you understand your child’s social style so they can feel connected and secure.

  • Further develop individual talents

    Identify and explore personal talents via Dermatoglyphics Analysis.

  • Take on personal challenges

    Discover how to convert individual challenges into strengths.

  • Improve communication with others

    Understand your own communication preferences for better understanding and cooperation.

We Able...

What can INBORN CODE do to help you?
  • Explore Talents

    Knowing the multiple intelligence of the child, and find out his talents, strengths and weaknesses.

  • Personality analyst

    Help parents to know thier child's personality traits and behaviors.

  • Better learning behavior

    To find out the learning style and methods of the child.

  • Improve relationships

    Provide ways and suggestions to enhance parent-child relationships.

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Client Feedback

Testimonial and Heartfelt of our clients
    • Datin Kelly Lau

      Datin Kelly Lau Parent

    • The Dermatoglyphics Analysis report helped me to have a better understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of my son.

    • Ms. Eve Liau

      Eve LiauParent

    • I discovered that different children have different ways of learning and need different styles of teaching.

    • Mr. Nyo Eng Chang

      Mr. Nyo Eng ChangParent

    • This is really amazing, I was so shocked at the report has more than 90% accuracy for myself!

    • Mdm Lee Pei Yi
      Finance Industry

      Mdm Lee Pei YiHousewife

    • I was very surprised that my son is good at music and self-management and seems to be good as a guidance.

  • DTMS really helpful for me as I came to realize my true self and personality and deeper understanding of my son.

    Noor Qomariah Bt. Saad (Freelancer)
  • My parents raised me without knowing this and how wonderful if we are aware of the potentiality as well as weaknesses such that we can further capitalize and leverage our kids at much earlier stage.

    Sharon Lim (Chief Financial Officer)
  • DTMS discover that my son is an effective learner and is more easily influenced by his surrounding environment. I confirm the accuracy of the report because I have noticed those traits from my son’s daily life.

    Ms. Verlynn Koo (Freelancer)
  • Thanks to INBORN CODE helping me to understand my strengths and weaknesses better in order to make the right decision for her future.

    Angel Kuek (Henley Business School)
  • INBORN CODE has been amazingly helpful for me in making better decisions in guiding my son with his unique personality and strengths in learning.

    Alice Lim (Lecture)
  • Thanks to INBORN CODE help my son achieve better results on their academics!

    Mrs. Lee Kwei Fong (Housewife)
  • Now I can able to understand the best communication methods between her and her children!

    Mdm Jynice Ho (Self- employed)
  • Dermatoglyphics Analysis has helped me a lot through giving me a deeper understanding of my personality.

    Joey Chia Jiek Yee (Student)

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  • Phone & E-mail

    Office: 07 - 361 4393
    Mobile: 013 - 651 4393

  • Business Hours

    Tuesday – Sunday
    10.00 am – 6.00 pm

  • Sessions

    Mornings, 9 am – 12 noon
    Afternoons, 1 pm – 6 pm

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